Koala Kare, LLC 

Koala Kare operates on elementary school campuses, either in the gym or cafeteria, providing before and after school care for students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. We hire teachers and school staff to monitor the kids.  Daily activities include snack time, homework sessions, arts and crafts, games and outdoor play.  

program overview

About Koala Kare


Koala Kare, LLC, began over 12 years ago as the vision of an elementary school teacher.  Recognizing a true need, Thomas irby started Koala kare in an effort to provide members of the community with quality and affordable child care.  beginning with one location, we now offer services at 4 schools in klein isd and 8 in spring isd.

since our first year of operation, we have grown from approximately 35 students to over 450, and we continue to add new students every month.  our goal for the future is to expand even further and have the opportunity to assist more families each year, while maintaining the quality of care we have become known for.